20.05.2024 – Book publication: Attention. The currency of the digital world!

Social media has now become the dominant platform for communication, through which information is distributed at top speed. However, this has also led to a transformation in the way we communicate, consume and share content.

10.05.2024 – OKRs and workflow optimization with Microsoft Copilot

The abbreviation OKR stands for “Objectives & Key Results” and describes a goal-setting method of collaboration. Both teams and individual employees use this methodology to achieve challenging goals with measurable results. OKRs can be used, for example, to track work progress, create a targeted thematic focus and promote internal commitment to measurable goals. The individual components describe

2024-04-01 Scrumban – The best of two agile project management methods

The most important frameworks for agile project management are Scrum and Kanban. Scrumban is a fusion of the two project frameworks, whereby the best elements of both frameworks are used together for the management of projects in the company. Scrumban is particularly suitable for companies that want to streamline their work processes and improve their management.

2023-07-17 – SharePoint and meaningful folder structures

SharePoint is a widely used program from the global market leader Microsoft, which was first developed to manage personal and business documents in the cloud. SharePoint made it possible to store, organize, share and access both information and documents regardless of location.

2023-04-12 – Jira and Reporting with Agile Hive

Companies and organizations across industries rely on the capabilities of the Scrum tool Jira from the Australian software company Atlassian for automated report generation in agile projects. Typical fields of application are task and requirements management of projects, where the tool is specifically used in error management and problem handling.

2022-12-22 Stakeholder management in the agile project environment

Stakeholders of a project are all persons or groups of persons who have a special interest in the successful implementation of the project. Classic examples of a stakeholder in projects are internally the project owner, the employees, but also the shareholders, customers, partners, dealers and suppliers.

2022-11-17 Use of digital whiteboards for remote teams

Digitalization, agility and flexibility – these are probably the most important buzzwords in today’s modern working world. After all, more and more employees are working from their home offices and need the right conditions to do so.

2022-10-19 Leading hybrid teams successfully

The modern working world is increasingly becoming a hybrid working world in which employees who work directly on site at the company collaborate with employees from the home office, mobile or other branches of the company.

2022-09-24 Strategic skills management

Skill management in projects consists of three main components – strategic, tactical and operational skill management. From a strategic perspective, it includes a combination of knowledge and HR management.

2022-08-21 Six Action Shoes of the project management.

Most situations in business and in life are ambiguous and confusing. And confusion is the greatest enemy of purposeful action.

2022-07-23 Change Management – Courage for Change in the Company

Change management describes the process of a strategic realignment of a company, which relates to structures, processes and behaviors.

2022-06-15 Change management for structured change

The principle of “Eat the Frog” was developed by the US success coach and author Brian Tracy and describes a form of personal time management in which the aim is to complete the most unpleasant task of the day first.

2022-05-18 Manage projects more efficiently with AI

The application of artificial intelligence in project management primarily helps in the planning and continuous control of daily events within projects. There are two main areas of application here – the automation of monotonous routine activities of a project and insights into project performance in real time.

2022-04-17 Headless CMS – anything but headless

The abbreviation “CMS” stands for “Content Management System” and should be a term familiar to anyone involved in website maintenance. Previous standard backends are Shopify, WordPress or Joomla.

2022-03-10 Soft Skills in Project Management

The term soft skills – also “soft abilities” – have been known since the 1990s. They describe personal traits and skills of each individual team member. These are the personality traits that a person possesses.

2021-04-30 Impact of Corona on e-commerce.

The Corona pandemic, which lasts more than a year and affects the entire economy, will leave severe after-effects.

2020-01-29 Open-Source-Shopsysteme

The selection of open source store systems is already very large and new ones are added every day. Therefore, choosing the right system for building your own online store can prove to be extremely difficult – there are too many things to consider and individual decisions to make.

2019-12-08 Open-Source-Content-Management-Systeme

A content management system (CMS) is software that resides either on a company’s server or on a provider’s server. Through this system, the webmaster and individual editors can create, edit and manage the content of a website.

2019-10-28 Lead Generation

2019-10-28 Lead generating How it is designed and how high its “usability” (English for user-friendliness of a website) is, not infrequently also has an influence on the increase in the number of visitors and later also on the conversion of a visitor to a prospect and later to a customer.

2019-09-21 SEO Voice control

Mobile Internet usage is continuously on the rise, and as a result, new opportunities are emerging to make web search easier, faster and more convenient for this user group as well.

2019-08-19 Agile Transition

Every company is subject to continuous change, so that – due to technical and organizational development – it must renew itself again and again. At the moment, it is primarily digitization that is forcing companies to manage their business processes in an agile manner.

2019-08-07 SEO & e-Commerce

What good is the best online store if potential buyers can’t find it? This is especially important, after all, over 90% of all buying activity on the web starts with a web search.

2015-09-17 Of trolls and people

“Good day, dear customer, your request is too stupid for us and surely you are tattooed – that’s why we deleted it. We hope we have helped you.” This and similar comments were recently posted by the Facebook “Customer Service” profile to user queries on the walls of both large and small brand owners, retailers and service providers.

2015-08-19 E-commerce a lucrative business?

Who doesn’t know them: spam mails that advertise the Internet as a lucrative source of income. “Work from home and earn 2000 euros and more a month” or “Just make money from your PC”.

2014-12-03 Talking shit about the boss

All well and good on the outside, fie on the inside – if you look at the entries on relevant employer evaluation portals such as Kununu, which belongs to Xing, you could get the impression that the mood in many German companies has hit rock bottom.

2011-11-20 PR-Litigation

The practical handbook for litigation public relations (litigation PR)