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2019-10-28 Lead Generation

Loyal customers are a company’s most important asset. In order to attract new customers, the quality and content of the website must be right.

2019-09-21 SEO Voice Control

Google Search continues to evolve. Staying ahead of the curve with SEO for voice-controlled web searches, even with “voice search” searches

2019-08-19 Agile Transition

Faster and more flexible for greater customer proximity – an agile transition helps companies to better master the challenges of the markets.

2019-08-07 SEO & e-Commerce

What helps the best online shop if potential buyers do not find it? This is especially important, because over 90% of all buying activity on the web starts via a web search.

2015-09-17 Of trolls and humans

Customer Relationship in the Age of Social Media. “Good day, dear customer, your inquiry is too stupid for us and you are certainly tattooed – that’s why we deleted it. We hope we helped you.”

2015-08-19 E-commerce a lucrative business?

Who doesn’t know them: Spam mails that advertise the Internet as a lucrative source of income. “Work from home and earn 2000 Euro and more per month” or “Simply earn money on your PC”.

2014-12-03 Blaspheming about the boss

In the War of Talents, companies should react! On the outside hui, on the inside Pfui – if you look at the entries on relevant employer evaluation portals such as Kununu, which belongs to Xing, you could get the impression that the mood in many German companies has reached its lowest point.

2011-11-20 PR-Litigation

The practical handbook for litigation PR. The pressure of public opinion, generated by media reports, has already influenced many judges in their judgments.